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The QuickDraw 300 is a Triple-Action Vaporizer that precision heats ground material, fluid, and concentrates to deliver rich, flavorful vapor.
Using a cutting-edge Smart-Cartridge System, the 300 Class instantly recognizes what you are vaporizing, warming each cartridge type for optimal vapor delivery. This process is essential, as fluid produces vapor at a lower temperature than ground material, and ground material at a lower temperature than concentrates.
Instructions for operating the QuickDraw 300 vary depending upon which cartridge type is inserted. Please refer to the QuickDraw 300’s User Guide for detailed operating instructions.
Battery duration will vary depending upon your preferences as a user, though the QuickDraw 300 typically lasts a day or longer on a single charge.
The QuickDraw 300’s Next-Gen Battery charges fast in about an hour, and is designed specifically to allow for use while charging. The device is packaged with a partial charge, but will need to be fully charged before first use.
The QuickDraw 300’s LED Ring and Indicator Ring display multiple colors throughout your vapor experience, guiding you along your way.

The LED Ring flashes white to signal charging. The Indicator Ring will turn red intermittently while charging, and will turn green when the device is fully charged.

The LED and Indicator Rings will flash white twice to signal recharging is necessary.

LED display during device use varies depending upon which cartridge is inserted; further descriptions of LED messaging, particularly during device heat up, can be found in the QuickDraw 300 User Guide.
The QuickDraw System has been pre-optimized to deliver rich vapor, and does not allow precise temperature adjustment. Vapor richness and density does increase slightly, however, the longer the Heating Button is held down (fluid and concentrate cartridges) or the longer the cartridge is left to heat (ground material cartridge).
Each cartridge is optimized and designed specifically for use with it’s own material. Please use only the appropriate material with the appropriate cartridge; doing otherwise may damage the device, and will not yield vapor.
E-Fluid is a solution of several components that, when heated, produces a rich vapor that delivers nicotine to the user. Most e-fluids are composed primarily Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, flavoring, and Nicotine. Content ratios will vary depending upon the brand, however, the majority of e-fluid are around 80 to 90% Vegetable Glycerin, and 0 to 2% Nicotine.
Vaporizers heat a material – without burning it – to release its active ingredients and deliver them to the user in the form of vapor.

Vaporization is widely considered to be far less harmful to your body than smoking. In the process of vaporization, only the desired ingredients of your material are released, while the harmful elements of smoke – like carbon monoxide, tar, and other carcinogenic byproducts – are not released and don’t enter your body. In addition to these very important benefits, vapor dissipates very quickly and produces a very minimal smell, unlike smoke, which produces a strong odor.

Vapor is widely considered to taste better as well. Smoking combusts your material to produce smoke. Just like a food item, this process of burning compromises the flavor of your product. Vaporization, however, heats your material perfectly, and the taste accordingly improves.